Solidarietà e Lavoro works in culturally and touristically-developed realities by delivering projects for the management of cultural and tourist sites as well as projects for the growth of the individual and the surrounding areas. The association was created in 1989 and articulates its activity in the tourism and experiential field. Moreover, it works as a partner of institutions in the management of cultural realities like museums and historical places, libraries, cultural heritage, dealing with all aspects related to the visit experience: from the marketing and communication processes, to promotions and sales, from bookshop management, to supervision and safety in tourist-cultural assets.

The staff is selected on the basis of skills and professionalism: it is made up of reception staff, museum operators, educational operators, ticket office and call center staff, archivists and librarians, communication and promotion experts, specialists in technologies applied to cultural heritage.

Solidarietà e Lavoro operates by providing specialized services and skills, while always guaranteeing the best professional, training and growth conditions for operators, with a positive impact on the services it performs: promoting effective and innovative projects, ensuring the creation of careful and respectful contexts for the individual.


Solidarietà e Lavoro is a type B social co-operative, which has, as its mission, the work integration of disadvantaged people: the task is to transform this disadvantage into an advantage, through the ability of enhancing individual skills in the workplace.
Solidarietà e Lavoro is a company which is able to combine business needs and social purposes together.
Since 1988, the year of its foundation, a journey has begun, based on the ability of individuals to fulfill themselves through work. The path is based on some indispensable ideas: first, the quality of work as the only guarantee of individual and company growth and then, the respect for everyone’s values ​​as a premise for every activity


Welcome to our world

Solidarietà e Lavoro has in its constitution, the idea of ​​recognizing to everyone the possibility of revealing their latent potential, cultivating the growth of socio-professional skills. This takes place through a network of people, where everyone actively contributes to the creation of work environments capable of offering the full realization of the individual and his peculiarities. In particular, the enhancement of job placement takes place through the approach, the training and the participation in “visible” work contexts, characterized by a strong relational value.

The path includes a change of position for the recruit, from passive (object of care and assistance) to active and dynamic (through a mutual adaptation between the subject and the working environment) and with a significant position, from a subject mainly “bearer of needs”, to an operator trained and recognized to meet the needs of customers.


Members and employees are asked to operate with the value of dignity as a resource of every single individual for themselves and the society.
Furthermore, Psychologists, Production Managers, Team Leaders, staff divided into work teams, contribute by taking care of the daily management of the work and then they deal with job placement starting from the reporting of the Service (caring or mediation) passing through the selection and consequent drafting of the individualized project, training, monitoring and evaluation of the path itself.
The teamwork allows you to operate optimally and also to support the resources entering the training phase, compensating for any weaknesses through the contribution of each member of the team work, and promoting their socialization.


“The person at the center”: that is, highlighting fragility and resources (to monitor the former and strengthen the latter), promotes personal and professional growth while respecting the characteristics of the subject (through the drafting and implementation of individualized projects in which all parties participate).


The cooperative is equipped with a UNI-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Quality System which provides, also for the management of human resources, specific procedures shared with all those involved. The strategic objective of quality implements social inclusion and guarantees the complete satisfaction of the needs, expressed and implicit, of the customers.


Offriamo a tutte le persone la possibilità di crescere sia sul piano professionale che individuale,

per offrire ai nostri clienti ed ospiti un servizio migliore.