Solidarietà e Lavoro bases its activity on believing in work as a means of inclusion and social participation, in the growth of skills through cooperation. An establishment of partnerships between public and private able to give consistency to social and human capital, fueling innovative value chains for the growth of local economies.

– We believe in sustainable business which is based on the ability to generate value through the development of good practices and the activation of collaborative and participatory networks.

– We believe in the development of the growth of the tourism and cultural sector to strengthen the capacity of the production system to generate cultural, social and economic impact for the common welfare.

– We enhance the local heritage and human capital by undertaking participatory management processes, working in synergy with the actors of the territorial cultural offer.

Charter of values

The charter of values ​​represents the result of a process that involved multiple actors within the company and expresses the foundations on which our actions and our strategy are based.
The values ​​chosen are for us a concrete guide in the daily activity of customer service, in the way we manage our people, make decisions, organize work, communicate and ultimately relate internally. They represent continuity with the founding values ​​since the establishment of the cooperative, but they also look towards our future, towards a vision of what we want and believe we can achieve.
The goal is to explore all the potential and achieve results by always striving to do better in a climate of respect for people: Solidarietà e Lavoro

– inspires its business to the attention and promotion of the person

– is a co-operative made up of people who work for people

– invests in human capital

– is made up of associates, employees, but also customers and guests

– to enhance it permanently