Solidarietà e Lavoro works at museums and cultural sites of national importance, carrying out control of rooms, cash and ticket offices, bookshop management, guided tours and educational workshops, organizational secretariat, press office, cataloging ancient and modern collections.

The skills acquired, the flexibility and adaptability in management, following a policy of constant enhancement of prospects, allow The Cooperative in enriching and improving the business we operate. We are not a simple service provider, but an unique partner able to actively contribute to the growth of each individual reality we work with.

Since 1989 it has been present, in the Genoese territory through the maintenance and management of parks and public gardens, from the eastern coast to the western, with selected operators that allow citizens and tourists to enjoy the rich cultural heritage, greenery with historical and floristic interest.

Museums and management

– computerized ticketing and related administrative services

– switchboard / reception

 reception  / Multi-lingual information desk

– sale of tourist products and services prior to the visit

– assistance with the visit

– set up exhibitions

– planning and management of teaching

– planning  of advvertising and communication activities

– guided tours

– video surveillance

– access control and room custody

– organization and promotion of entertainment events

– organization and management of private events

– technical services for the control room and audio/video operations

– control of emergency situations

– comment forms: distribution and processing of surveys

– bookshop management

– handling of parking

– cloakroom service

– cleaning services and minor maintenance of green areas


Musei di Strada Nuova

Museoteatro Commenda di Prè

Museo Navale di Pegli

Musei di Nervi GAM

Musei di Nervi Wolfsoniana

Acquario di Genova

Galata Museo del Mare

Castello D’Albertis

Museo Civico di Sanremo

Museo di Storia Naturale


Dialogo nel Buio

Istituzione Musei del Mare e delle Migrazioni

Associazione Promotori Musei del Mare della Navigazione

Costa Edutainment

Albergo dei Poveri

Musei di Rapallo

Museo Civico e Gipsoteca Bistolfi di Casale Monferrato

Museo delle Statue Stele Lunigianesi

Castello del Piagnaro

Museo d’Arte di Palazzo GAvotti

Museo della Ceramica di Savona

Museo Civico di Sanremo

Tourist welcoming

– ticketing management, booking and sale of tourist products

– switchboard / reception/

– reception  / Multi-lingual information desk

– reservation and selling of tourist products prior to the visit

– organisation and management of visitor flows

– assistance with the visit

– sales staff for products and tourist services prior to the visit

– providing information and publishing brochures

– relations with local authorities for the promotion of events

– provision  of guided tours

– access control and supervision  rooms

– planning  of advvertising and communication activities

– management of events staff

– planning and management of teaching

– comment forms: distribution and processing of surveys

– control room and audio/video technical  services

– Handling of parking and related administrative services

– gift-book shop service

– cloakroom service

– emergency management


Costa Edutainment S.p.A.

Galata Museo del Mare

Castello D’Albertis

Musei di Strada Nuova

Museo di Storia Naturale


Dialogo nel Buio

Iat di Arenzano

Libraries and archives

– computerized cataloguing

– cataloguing of ancient and historical archives

– database implementation and management

– maintenance of catalogues

– management of archives

– reference services

– running front e back office

– faciliting entry and organisation of multicultural sections

– physical management of library heritage and archival assets

– training proposals


Comune di Genova Settore Cultura

SPUI Società Per l’Università ad Imperia

Comune di Cuneo Settore Cultura

Comune di Volvera

Comune di Ivrea

Leggere.com Srl

Comune di Moncalieri

Comune di Collegno

Comune di Casale Monferrato

Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti

Università di Torino

Archivio Centrale dello Stato Roma

Biblioteca Civica di Biella

Biblioteca Per Ragazzi Aglietta Anderi

Rete Bibliotecaria Bergamasca


– opening /closing access gates to public parks and gardens

– public evacuation in case of  danger

– control of potential dangerous  or non-conformity situations for users

– assistance and surveillance service

– cleaning services and minor maintenance of green areas

– pruning shrubs


Comune di Genova-Direzione Parchi e verde