Over the years, Solidarietà e Lavoro has created, developed and promoted various projects, some of which have become real local institutions.
The choice to always operate with partnership processes, together with a strong synergy between public and private, has meant that Solidarietà e Lavoro has built highly valuable actions for local communities. Thanks to the synergy with different cultural and social realities, it has created and promoted significant research and innovation projects for the promotion of culture in the area:



Spazio Faber

Dialogo Nel Buio

OPERA 30 +

Open Vicoli

Solidarietà e Lavoro creates and designs unique events, enriching the working art venues, with proposals such as concerts, thematic exhibitions, presentations, and suggestive guided tours.

It promotes development actions by collaborating with companies and institutions to make every moment of professional meeting unique, through conferences, conventions and seminars, being able to offer pathways, locations and high-level organizational and technical support.

Public entities

– planning and organization of bespoke events for children and adults

– organization of cultural, musical and entertainment events

– organization of thematic exhibitions and visits to the collections

– flow menagement for major events

– promotion and communication

– control room, audio video services

– cloakroom service

Private entities

– hostess and promoters service

– all-service technical-logistical support and management


Castello D’Albertis

Galata museo del mare

Via del Campo 29 rosso

Dialogo nel buio

Acquario di Genova

Museoteatro Commenda di Prè

Biblioteca Berio – Sala dei Chierici