The European project A.A.C.cessible Culture: museums for everyone developing the Alternative Augmentative Communication Tools, promoted as a lead partner by Solidarietà e Lavoro with the collaboration of 6 international partners, intends to make cultural content accessible for people with communication deficits through Augmentative Alternative.

Communication (AAC). Thanks to the project, specific paths and tools have been created for visits, insights, and workshops to make cultural places and their contents accessible to all visitors. Communication barriers can be overcome through dedicated tools such as:

  • Social Guide: a visual story, with photos and short texts, which describes what visitors will encounter while visiting a museum or cultural site, helping them to familiarize themselves with the structure, collections, and works on display.
  • Checklist: Through images and photographs, it provides visitors with information on the main works, attractions, and services available, giving them the opportunity to express their needs and interests by selecting what they want to see during their visit.
  • Sensory map: The sensory map shows the general layout of the visit itinerary, the location of the main works, and the elements that could potentially create a disturbance or generate sensory solicitations.
  • Guide in AAC: The guide describes in simple sentences, transposed into symbols, the topics that will be explained during the visit, focusing on the main topics, concepts, and the most relevant works of art.

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So that everyone can enjoy the magnificence of Palazzo Rosso, it is possible to visit the ancient residence with the tools created thanks to the European project A.A.C.cessible Culture. In this section, you will find the following tools: A guide in AAC, a Social Guide, a Checklist, and a sensory map.

For more information on how to access this visit opportunity, on the preparatory tools available or to book an inclusive visit, contact us at


    La Città dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi in Genoa is the first Experience Museum on the 5 senses in Italy. In this experience museum the five senses become a tool to guide children and young people on a journey to discover themselves and the world through experience. Here you can request the Social Guide, a visual story with highly readable texts and photos, to familiarize yourself with the structure, prevent difficulties due to sensory barriers, and lower the stress caused by an experience in an unknown place.

    Other tools for guests with cognitive and/or communication needs are available at the facility. For more information on how to access this visit opportunities, on the tools available for the visit or to book an inclusive visit, you can either ask Solidarietà e Lavoro’s staff or contact us by email at